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About us

To spread Live’s efforts to protect oral health for 365 days to everyone,
LiveFactory will make professional oral healthcare products with a righteous mind and honest heart.

Company information

CEO: Jung-Woo Choi
ADDRESS : 1302-23, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
OPEN TIME : am 09:30 - pm 06:30
LUNCH : pm 01:00 - pm 02:00 / SAT.SUN.HOLIDAY:OFF
TEL : 1599-9280

Welcome to LiveFactory

[Founding Vision of LiveFactory]
Realizing Touching Moments to Customers,
Helping Self-Realization for Employees,
Pursuing Humanity for the Company,
All For the Realization of a First-Class Creative Company.

[Core Values of LiveFactory]
Challenge, Passion, Innovation, Creation
Love, Mercy, Justice, Sharing

Innovating the world and creating new civilizations with a youngster’s thousand-year-old attitude of challenge and passion at work,
and realizing the idea of justice and the sharing culture with a master’s million-year-old mind of love and mercy.

[LiveFactory Vision]
[ L ] love for humanity : A Company Realizing Hope-                                          Sharing and Humanity
[ I ] innovation : A Company Leading the Medical Market                             with Innovation and Research
[ V ] Value up : A Company Creating the Best Service                           Values
[ E ] enjoy Culture : A Company Cultivating an Exciting                                  Company Culture

Lisence of LiveFactory

LiveFactory (LAV Incorporated) is an official medical device retail business with
1. Medical Device Sales (Authorization Number: 4646)
2. Telecommunications Sales (Authorization Number: 2016-Seowu Seocho-0787)